Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of School: 2010-2011

The First Day of School! 
Devin heads over to Colfax this year for 7th Grade and Kennedy is in Aber for 4th Grade.

Little Poopsie would not take off his warm fuzzy jammies (even though it was already 80 degrees this morning) - he was bound and determined to take the kids to school in them.

Our 7th Grader - *SNIFF SNIFF!*

Friday, August 6, 2010

Two weeks ago today... was our 13 year Anniversary! Happy Anniversary Michael Jay - Love ya more than ever!

Where have we been the last year....

...we've been FISHIN'!
Summer is flying by - school days are soon upon us. I'd like an extra month of summer please - we feel like we've only begun.
I hope to post more frequently this year...(HA!)
We have a busy year ahead. Devin starts 7th Grade...entering into the Junior High. Kennedy will be in 4th grade. Our little poopsie has one year left before he starts Kindergarten.

We have a year full of Junior High Football and Basketball. Kennedy will continue with her piano lessons and is "thinking" about basketball. Ryley always has so much "work to do" that he will be busy planting his fields and then hauling beets. It's tough just about being 5 and having such a big work load.