Saturday, September 27, 2008

"Mom, It's NOT a dozer, It's a BACKHOE!"

Adam came over and helped us remove the old sidewalk and some stumps from our Lot. Can you imagine how excited Ryley was to spend his day riding in a Back Hoe? I'm sure he dreamt about DIRT, DIGGING DIRT and HEAVY EQUIPMENT all night long.

Earlier that morning I had made the mistake of telling Ryley that he needed to get dressed so that he could ride with Uncle Adam in dozer. I was quickly corrected by the little turd bird.

After they got the sidewalk dug out, Ryley got to ride with his dad in the Bobcat while they hauled it away. Could a little boy ask for any more excitement in one day?

***Note*** Ryley does not wear these glasses all the time, they are just for reading.
HA HA HA ;-)

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