Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Baseball, Baseball and MORE Baseball!

Mike & I got married in July....right in the heart of baseball season. Shortly after our wedding, I came to find out that he liked to WATCH baseball, especially the Minnesota Twins. And do you know what? Baseball is on EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT...or so it seemed to me. *SIGH*

Who would've known that almost 12 years later - I have come to really like baseball, I even watch it on TV.

And this little guy (well he's not so little anymore) - LIVES FOR BASEBALL! How very fun it is for all of us to watch him. He's the catcher and he loves it.

Up to bat....
...he got a hit and made it on to base...he's thinking...Life is Good!

I don't think that Kennedy has ever sat and watched a baseball game - she usually finds the playground and makes her own fun!

And then there is Ryley and his big cousin Lacy...I don't think they watched the game either...they were also busy making their own fun!

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